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Aggressive Driving Gets You Somewhere, but Not Anywhere Good

Aggressive driving can damage vehicles

[box style=”rounded”] GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Management Solutions include Hard Braking, Rapid Acceleration and Hard Turn Alerts that notify fleet managers and dispatchers of aggressive driving behaviors. Relaxed Driving Reduces Accidents, Costs Less, and Lowers Emissions Overall there is almost Zero to Gain, and much to Lose by Driving Aggressively Many...

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ROI of GPS Vehicle Tracking: Seat Belt Alerts Save Money

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Accidents are an unfortunate part of managing a fleet, and they always cost money. However, by using your GPS vehicle tracking system to help prevent accidents, you can minimize these costs. When an accident does occur, the safety protocols you have implemented will continue to save you money. The first step...

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Slow Down Lead-Footed Drivers with a Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Although it’s important to operate efficiently and reduce the amount of time it takes to get from one customer to the next, speeding is not the best way to accomplish this. GPS fleet tracking provides multiple features to help combat this unsafe driver behavior. In fact, service companies can...

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