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Green Your Fleet: How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Tread Mark

We take a look at some changes fleets can make to go greener.

Most fleet-based companies would find it hard to describe their operation as “green”. The nature of the business often necessitates both carbon emissions and paper waste, though this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build and manage an eco-friendly fleet. While some degree of environmental impact is inevitable for most...

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Using Space Age Tech to Track Solar Tech Makes Rooftop Solar Even More Cost Effective

Rooftop Solar Installer

Deploying GPS Tracking is One of Many Lessons New Energy Enterprises Can Learn from Traditional Businesses Since its introduction to the business and public sectors in the 1990s, satellite based GPS vehicle tracking has become a vital tool for many businesses and public agencies, from construction to services, delivery,...

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Aggressive CAFE Standards Produce Vehicle Innovation

green fuel for big trucks

Every day, more businesses are transitioning to clean fuels and electric vehicles over oil dependent cars and trucks. As of now this green revolution is by choice of the business, but soon fuel efficiency will be required. U.S. regulations are changing for the entire transportation industry. Within the next...

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Alt-Fuel Calculator Validates Cost of Ownership

Feds Develop Alt-Fuel Analytical Tool

[companyInfo] Feds Develop Alt-Fuel Analytical Tool Several federal environmental agencies have developed an online calculator for fleet managers that helps estimate gasoline usage, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and the cost of ownership of vehicles. The Argonne National Laboratory and Clean Cities have released the…. Read Full Story…

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3.3 Million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2025

8 States Push to Increase Zero-Emission Cars

[companyInfo] 8 States Push to Increase Zero-Emission Cars Eight states, which roughly make up 23 percent of the country’s auto market, recently vowed to increase the nation’s number of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) to 3.3 million by 2025. The aggressive plan would involve moving ahead with the construction of charging stations...

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GPSTrackIt Route Optimization Test Generates a 1400% ROI

GPSTrackIt.com/ - Optimized Route

The Mapping is Indisputable GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Pro empowers field service and project managers and dispatchers to dramatically slash expenses with hands-on, real-time Route Optimization. The automated tool simplifies and reduces time spent on fleet vehicle scheduling and mapping, and additionally helps drivers: Decrease miles driven. Shorten idling periods. Serve...

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Hundreds Attend Global Fleet Management And Green Fleet Conferences

[companyInfo] Read the latest from industry publications on conferences and councils related to fleet management: Inaugural Global Fleet Management Conference Wows Attendees The inaugural Global Fleet Management Conference, which was held in Phoenix September 30-October 1, was a truly international event, attracting attendees and speakers from every corner of the...

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Benefits of Green Fuels: The Day Dollars and Trees Live in Harmony

green fuel for big trucks

Green fuels and fleets are environmentally friendly for the planet and financially friendly for businesses. Specific varieties of green vehicles are better for some companies and government operations than others. Fleet managers upgrading to ‘green’ can choose the most suitable fleet vehicles based on green fuel types and engine...

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2013 AltCar Expo Focuses on Current and Future Green Fleet Development and Management

GPSTrackIt.com/ National Account Executive Scott Siegfreid with a Zero Emissions Nissan Leaf at the 2013 AltCar Expo.

“We are getting closer and closer to the day when cars are no longer the ‘alternatives’ … oil will be the alternative.” – Former Secretary of the California EPA Terry Tamminen “Green Fleet” development and management were focal points of the 2013 AltCar Expo Fleet Conference held on September...

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Issues Slow Adoption of Green Fleet Initiatives, Impact Fuel Economy

Green Fleet Initiatives, Impact Fuel Economy

[companyInfo] Read the latest from industry publications on fuel economy and green fleets: NACFE finds five “hurdles” retard adoption of fuel saving systems A recent report compiled by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) on behalf of the International Council for Clean Transportation(ICCT) determined that five major “hurdles” are...

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