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So You Want to Start a Food Truck Business

How GPS tracking can help you start a food truck business

So your dream is to start a food truck business. Food aficionados thank you and your industrial spirit! The world needs more fun and delicious ways to enjoy life. But, like any business, the food truck industry requires extensive research and a solid business plan to get started. Here’s...

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05 Oct, 2018

Business Security in the Era of the Smart Thief

Keeping your business secure in the era of the smart thief.

In 2010, a disgruntled car salesman from Texas hacked into his former employer’s web-based vehicle immobilization system in around 100 recently sold cars. Taking over the vehicle computer, he set the car horns to honk at all hours of the night and disabled the ignition systems, generating mass confusion...

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28 Sep, 2018

From Military to Mainstream: How GPS Technology Entered the Civilian Market

GPS tracking technology in civilian markets
28 Sep, 2018

Earth is surrounded by a web of man-made technology. With more than 1,500 satellites and a debris field of broken parts orbiting the Earth, our planet from space probably looks a bit cluttered. Each satellite was sent to space for a specific purpose, whether to provide a tracking network...

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