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What are You Building Today? Mountains of Paperwork or Meaningful Structures?

Mountains of Paperwork

Why Construction Jobs Can Benefit from GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software Construction projects and machines go hand-in-hand. Contractors who deploy resources daily across one or many projects navigate a complex network of manpower and machine allocation. Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations...

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Save with Vehicle Tracking and GeoFences on Construction Sites

Fleet Tracking Systems Construction

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry. Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking....

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How to Use GPS Tracking to Improve Construction Site Compliance

GPS Tracking Construction

An important part of managing a construction site includes maintaining compliance with regulatory authorities, local ordinances, and site-specific customer requirements. It is up to site supervisors to convey any restrictions to the team on-site, but enforcing these restrictions is not always a simple task. Using a GPS vehicle tracking...

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Improve Accountability in Service Industries with GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Service industries rely heavily on drivers in the field to efficiently travel from site to site both quickly and safely. As a fleet manager or business owner, you want to be confident that your staff is operating with best interests of the business in mind at all times. Unfortunately, this...

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Five Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Managing Outside Sales Teams

Fleet Tracking Software Outside Sales

Outsides sales is a key department for many companies. Sales teams are necessary for maintaining valuable clients and attracting new customers, but they also come with unavoidable expenses such as mileage reimbursement, wasted labor, and heavy turnaround within the industry. Fortunately, fleet tracking can help address all of these...

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How to Manage Construction Personnel with Fleet Tracking Systems

gps tracking

Fleet tracking systems can be used to monitor vehicles, heavy equipment, and the employees who use these valuable assets. Keeping your construction team accountable for their actions can be difficult, especially since you can’t be everywhere at once. However, fleet tracking systems offer features that allow you to keep...

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Why Every Construction Company Needs Asset Monitoring

Construction companies have several elements to juggle in order to keep projects on time and within the budget. A major component of this is managing heavy equipment and vehicles. You need to keep all of your equipment in working order and make sure it is available at the sites...

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How to Optimize Your Outside Sales Team with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking systems are not just for businesses that make deliveries or have large fleets that crisscross the nation. They can also be used for optimizing a sales force, no matter how large or small. If you have an outside sales team, a GPS tracking system can help you...

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Have a Public Image Problem? Turn it Around with Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Public Image

The saying that a few bad apples spoil the barrel applies to many areas of life, including your company’s public image. Just one bad driver experience can damage your brand, and a lot of small mistakes can add up to a major problem if you don’t take steps to...

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Use Your Vehicle Tracking System to Recover Assets

Vehicle Trails GPS Tracking

A vehicle is a major asset for most businesses and the loss of one can have a significant impact on the health of the company. If you are concerned about theft or abuse of your valuable assets, consider the benefits of a vehicle tracking system. Vehicle Tracking System Asset...

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