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Green and Lean: Building a Future-Proof Fleet

Building a Future-Proof Fleet

With the progression of technology expanding at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep with the modernization often required to maintain a name in the business community. So how do you keep up with the ever-changing demands of your consumers? By investing in valuable, and flexible, technology...

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Track, Train, and Retain: Keeping Commercial Driver Training Fresh

Ever hear of the “doorway effect”? It’s what happens when you walk through a door and forget what you were saying, doing, and even why you passed through the doorway in the first place. You’ll be heading for the kitchen with every intention of making yourself a peanut butter...

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(Guest Post) 4 Tips for Managing Your Business Fleet

Tips for managing your business fleet.

For fleet-owning businesses, company vehicles are among their most prized assets. When you have a fleet of well-maintained, reliable vehicles at your disposal, the only thing you have to worry about is making sure that you manage your growing fleet properly. The following are a few pointers to help...

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06 Apr, 2017

The Top 5 Fleet Management Challenges for 2017

Challengers Fleet Managers face

A few years ago, most fleet management challenges surrounded rising maintenance and vehicle acquisition costs. While these issues are still relevant today, recent changes in the industry mean that there are even more problems to address. The following is a round-up of 5 common fleet management headaches faced by...

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4 Things Fleet Managers can do to Improve Truck Driver Retention

Improve your driver retention rate with these tips.

Those in the trucking business regularly experience a shortage of experienced drivers, especially during the busy season. This has led to the hasty hiring of unqualified drivers who often under-perform, leading to losses. If you’re in charge of managing a team of drivers, you know how tough it can...

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4 Signs Your Long Haul Business Needs Fleet Management Software

When your business depends on long haul vehicles—whether a handful or several convoys—you need a way to keep track of them. From drivers and maintenance to safety and efficiency, any number of factors can impact your outfit’s bottom line, so it’s important to know where your fleet stands. Many...

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Green Your Fleet: How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Tread Mark

We take a look at some changes fleets can make to go greener.

Most fleet-based companies would find it hard to describe their operation as “green”. The nature of the business often necessitates both carbon emissions and paper waste, though this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build and manage an eco-friendly fleet. While some degree of environmental impact is inevitable for most...

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27 Sep, 2016

GPS Trackit Introduces New Calendar Feature for Service-Based Industries

Our new scheduling feature makes it easy to keep track of important appointments.
27 Sep, 2016

  In this age of cutthroat competition, a missed appointment can directly translate to lost business. If you are managing a service-based business, you are aware of the fact that customers aren’t so forgiving these days. That’s why you need an effective appointment manager at your disposal to make sure you...

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Surprising Things Fleet Managers Can Learn From Driving Behavior Analysis

Fleet managers stand to gain a lot from driving behavior analysis.

Very few things can affect your fleet’s efficiency and running costs as much as driving behavior. By improving your entire fleet’s driving behavior, you can reduce operational costs such as fuel expenditure, maintenance charges, insurance costs, etc. Some recent studies have even found that, by encouraging the right driving behavior,...

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Incentivize the Drive: How to Introduce GPS Tracking Without Scaring Your Employees

Introducing GPS Tracking doesn't have to be scary!

Has your company decided to make GPS tracking a part of your fleet management strategy? Expect to enjoy the many benefits of improved driver monitoring and advanced route planning in the near future. While you are probably excited about these features, your employees, on the other hand, may not...

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