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23 Mar, 2017

ELD Compliance: Are You Compliant? The Checklist You Need

ELD compliance checklist

With the new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate having just been signed into law, the word that’s on the lips of everyone in the trucking industry is compliance. The ELD mandate affects the daily operations of truckers and motor carriers, not to mention the manufacturers that build the ELDs...

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08 Nov, 2016

How the New ELD Mandate Might Negatively Impact Driver Productivity

How will the ELD mandate affect productivity?
08 Nov, 2016

We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of adopting electronic logging technology, especially now that the ELD mandate is in effect. What we haven’t heard much about, however, is the potential backlash which could come as a result of this legislation. It is important that fleet managers understand both...

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How Your Fleet Can Make the Switch to Electronic Driver Logs

electronic driver logs

Although the date of compliance for the ELD mandate issued by the Department of Transportation will not come until the end of 2017, this almost-halfway point between the mandate’s date of issue and the date of compliance is a valuable one for your fleet. And, whether you are fully...

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