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What are You Building Today? Mountains of Paperwork or Meaningful Structures?

Mountains of Paperwork

Why Construction Jobs Can Benefit from GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software Construction projects and machines go hand-in-hand. Contractors who deploy resources daily across one or many projects navigate a complex network of manpower and machine allocation. Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations...

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GPSTrackIt Introduces the T5000 Satellite for the Ultimate in Global Fleet Communications

GPSTrackIt.com/ offers Communications Satellite Tracking over 80% of the Earth's Surface.

GPSTrackIt Raises the Bar on Vehicle Tracking and Asset Protection It’s one thing to use GPS to track crews in cities or rural areas; but what if a crew is working at a refinery in the desert or cutting a fire break in a remote part of a national...

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Asset Protection: GPS Tracking Reduces Thefts and Speeds Recovery

[companyInfo] Read the latest from industry publications on Asset Protection: Two Compelling Stories About Why You Might Want GPS Tracking Devices On Your Assets Theft happens. It’s everywhere, and your business isn’t immune to it. If nothing’s happened to you yet, ask around. You’ll hear at least a handful...

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Save with Vehicle Tracking and GeoFences on Construction Sites

Fleet Tracking Systems Construction

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry. Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking....

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How to Use GPS Tracking to Improve Construction Site Compliance

GPS Tracking Construction

An important part of managing a construction site includes maintaining compliance with regulatory authorities, local ordinances, and site-specific customer requirements. It is up to site supervisors to convey any restrictions to the team on-site, but enforcing these restrictions is not always a simple task. Using a GPS vehicle tracking...

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How to Manage Construction Personnel with Fleet Tracking Systems

gps tracking

Fleet tracking systems can be used to monitor vehicles, heavy equipment, and the employees who use these valuable assets. Keeping your construction team accountable for their actions can be difficult, especially since you can’t be everywhere at once. However, fleet tracking systems offer features that allow you to keep...

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Why Every Construction Company Needs Asset Monitoring

Construction companies have several elements to juggle in order to keep projects on time and within the budget. A major component of this is managing heavy equipment and vehicles. You need to keep all of your equipment in working order and make sure it is available at the sites...

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4 Reasons You Need GPS Fleet Tracking to Manage Construction Workers

GPS Fleet Tracking Construction

Effectively managing construction workers in the field is an essential component of finishing a project on time and within the budget. However, you can’t be everywhere at once. Relying on trusted supervisors is a good start to improving the efficiency of your workforce, but GPS fleet tracking can help...

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8 Fleet Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems for Construction Industry

vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle tracking systems can be used for fleets of all types, including construction vehicles. In fact, the construction industry benefits from fleet tracking in a number of ways that you might not expect. For example, although speeding might not be an issue as it is for other types of...

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Distracted Driving In The Construction Industry

When it comes to the topic of distracted driving, it affects everyone on the road. Society is in such a rush and has so much on their plate these days, both in their personal and professional lives, they tend to look to driving as an additional time management solution....

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