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Five Ways A Fleet Tracking Solution Reduces Fuel Costs

Fleet tracking software not only saves you and your drivers time, it can also help you save money on fuel costs. With the ever-changing price of oil, these savings can quickly add up and help you get a better return on your technology investment. Small businesses need to shave...

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29 Jul, 2014

Six Money-Saving Applications for GPS Vehicle Tracking in Business

6 Ways to Save with GPS Tracking
29 Jul, 2014

A GPS tracking solution combines the power of GPS locating technology, wireless networks, and a sophisticated yet simple interface to tell a business everything they need to know about their fleet, whether its 2 vehicles or 200 hundred.  This extensive knowledge gives power to optimize operations and reduce costs for small businesses. Here’s six...

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GPSTrackIt Introduces the T5000 Satellite for the Ultimate in Global Fleet Communications

GPSTrackIt.com/ offers Communications Satellite Tracking over 80% of the Earth's Surface.

GPSTrackIt Raises the Bar on Vehicle Tracking and Asset Protection It’s one thing to use GPS to track crews in cities or rural areas; but what if a crew is working at a refinery in the desert or cutting a fire break in a remote part of a national...

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Asset Protection: GPS Tracking Reduces Thefts and Speeds Recovery

[companyInfo] Read the latest from industry publications on Asset Protection: Two Compelling Stories About Why You Might Want GPS Tracking Devices On Your Assets Theft happens. It’s everywhere, and your business isn’t immune to it. If nothing’s happened to you yet, ask around. You’ll hear at least a handful...

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Save with Vehicle Tracking and GeoFences on Construction Sites

Fleet Tracking Systems Construction

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry. Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking....

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GPS Tracking: Latest News on Legislation and Court Cases

Latest News on Legislation and Court Cases

[companyInfo] Read the latest from industry publications on court cases and legislation affecting GPS Tracking: GPS Tracking and Secret Policies This week brought fresh revelations about the National Security Agency’s sloppy and invasive collection of phone data on Americans and others, as reported first by The Washington Post. In...

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Why Every Construction Company Needs Asset Monitoring

Construction companies have several elements to juggle in order to keep projects on time and within the budget. A major component of this is managing heavy equipment and vehicles. You need to keep all of your equipment in working order and make sure it is available at the sites...

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5 Ways to Use GPS Tracking to Prevent Misuse of Company Assets

GPS Tracking

One of the many benefits of GPS tracking is the ability to protect your company’s valuable assets. You have invested a lot of time and money into your business and you want to be sure that your vehicles, personnel, and other equipment are protected. Features like real-time mapping and...

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GPS Tracking News for the Week Ending March 1st

Satellite in orbit above the Earth.

GPSTrackIt.com/ is devoted to bringing you industry related news and information. On a weekly basis, we will post highlights from news found across the net that relates to GPS tracking, hardware, software, vehicle tracking and location, or asset monitoring and protection. To receive this weekly update by email: [button link=”http://eepurl.com/h7-Ss”...

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Seven Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Service Industries

GPS Tracking Benefits Service Industry by Reducing Costs, Improving Customer Service

Success in a service industry depends on a number of factors, including quick response times, accurate billing, and superior customer service. While it is essential to have well-trained employees, it is also important for them to have the right tools. GPS fleet tracking gives your employees the information they...

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