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Strategic Partnership Program

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Rewards for Qualified Leads

GPS Trackit seeks to build strategic relationships with companies that share our values and goals. This is why we have created our Strategic Partnership Program, so you can introduce your clients to a great solution while earning your company extra cash.

Qualified Leads Requirements

  • The lead/customer knows they are being referred and has agreed to a webinar meeting.
  • The customer has the power to make the decision to buy or influence the sale.
  • If the lead has a current GPS tracking solution, they are either month-to-month or have less than 3 months left on their contract.

SPIFF Referral Program

  • SPIFF payout is only for the initial order
  • GPS Trackit will send payout by the 15th of the following month
  • SPIFF payout is per unit sold by GPS Trackit
  • GPS Trackit pays 10% of total contractual value over the term of the original contract
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