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Monitor After-Hours Usage

Elevate YOUR Customer Service

Reduce Fuel Costs

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems & Devices

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Our mission is helping you find new ways to better your business, satisfy more customers and to give you peace of mind in knowing your business is running at peak performance.

GPS Trackit’s powerful yet easy to use vehicle tracking system will help you save money, save time and increase profits from the very moment you begin using it.

Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone GPSTrackIt is right there with you making your business more profitable.

GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager puts YOU in the passenger seat, so you know what your truck knows!

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Monitoring Driver Behaviors Helps Reduce 80% of Wasted Fuel Consumption

Why Invest in a Vehicle Tracking System?

GPS Trackit’s vehicle tracking software gives you real-time powerful functionality combined with a simple and easy to use dashboard, giving you the information you need to save money and time right at your fingertips, instantly.

Reduce Fuel Costs Immediately
Improve Productivity
Elevate YOUR Customer Service
Slash Labor Costs
Communicate easily with Dispatch from the Field
Time Sheets, Mileage Reports, and More.

Prevent Theft
Reduce Fuel Usage
Monitor After-Hours Usage
Improve Safety and Reduce Accidents
Facilitate more Efficient Scheduling and Routing
Diminish Vehicle Maintenance Costs

easily locate and protect vehicles

How can Vehicle Tracking Help My Business?