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Insurance Discounts for GPS Tracking

Most drivers know that insurance discounts are routinely offered for “good driver” behavior. Many insurance companies also offer a discount on premiums for using a GPS vehicle tracking solution.
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Improved Driver Behavior Keeps Premiums Low

When using a GPSTrackIt GPS vehicle tracking solution, fleet managers, dispatchers and even drivers can opt into safety alerts and reports that are triggered for exceeding posted speed limits, hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard turns, and unfastened seat-belts. In many cases, drivers willingly modify driving behaviors knowing that employers are monitoring safety. GPSTrackIt safety alerts and reports help save lives, improve public image, prevent costly speeding tickets and can even be used to verify driving behaviors in cases of dispute.


Added Liability Protection Safeguards Fleets

Insurance companies want to know that insured vehicles are protected against theft, damage, and misuse.

Using a GPSTrackIt vehicle tracking solution adds liability protection with asset monitoring technology that can reduce and even prevent instances of theft.

GeoFence Breach Alerts and Real-Time Tracking Increase Asset Protection and Recovery

Using a GPS solution with reports for GeoFence breaches and after-hours usage creates an additional layer of asset protection and recovery for insured vehicles.

GPSTrackIt GeoFence breach, ignition on-off, PTO event and real-time tracking alerts and reports can prevent theft, reduce damage, and shorten vehicle recovery times.


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