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“I am new to GPS Trackit, but I am amazed at the technology associated with this product. Within the first couple of months, it saved us on an accident that someone said we were speeding. It immediately showed the driver doing 20mph less than the posted speed limit. “

– Laina B.

Keep Your Drivers Safe and Supported

Always know where your drivers are—and what they’re doing behind the wheel. When driver behavior and timeliness is trackable, unwanted practices can be identified and addressed before they become a problem.

Seat Belt Alerts – triggered when a driver fails to fasten a seat belt.
Rapid Acceleration Alerts – triggered when a driver accelerates a vehicle too quickly.
Posted Speed Alerts – triggered when a driver exceeds a legally posted speed limit.
Hard Braking Alerts – triggered when a driver rapidly decelerates a vehicle.
Hard Turn Alerts – triggered when a driver makes a rapid, sharp turn.
Sudden Stop Alerts – triggered when a vehicle’s movement is suddenly stopped.

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Take Action with Driver Scorecards

Quickly view and analyze the behavior of your mobile workforce with color-coded scorecards. This actionable data makes it easy to reward good drivers and address unsafe practices.

Direct Drivers from the Field
Optimize Routing
View Driver Histories
Minimize Driver Downtime
Know When Drivers Arrive and Leave
Receive Behavior Alerts


Driver Visibility &

The Driver ID Kit provides a simple visibility solution for mobile workforces.

Driver ID improves driver visibility, keeping dispatchers in control and minimizing uncertainty.

Stay In the Know

With the combined power of our GPS fleet management system and Driver ID Kit, you can see when your drivers arrive at work, a job site, or a custom destination.

How it Works

Each key fob has a unique electromagnetic signature that interacts with a port to complete a circuit. Fleet Manager™ then assigns the driver to the vehicle in use.

Reduce Downtime

Make downtime a thing of the past with optimized directions and nearest vehicle dispatching.

Mobile Management

GPS Trackit’s Fleet App for Android and iOS helps you manage your fleet from anywhere.

Verify Timekeeping

Fleet managers can accurately verify timesheet information using data from the Timesheet, Start/Stop/Idle, and Moving reports.

Support Your Drivers. Empower Your Dispatchers.