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Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Actionable data provided by the real-time updates of your GPS vehicle tracking solution will help to:

  • Save time and create more efficient dispatching
  • Help to reduce fuel consumption
  • Provide valuable information about driver behaviors to help improve customer service and reduce company overhead

real-time gps vehicle tracking

GPS Reports Help to Improve Customer Service with More Efficient Dispatching

Fleet managers are able to view the location of their fleet at any time of the day:

  • Stop/Start/Idle
  • Moving
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Nearest Vehicle

This information is valuable for dispatching the closest vehicle to a call location. No more having to call drivers to see how close they are to an address.

Monitoring Driver Behaviors Will Help Reduce 80% of Wasted Fuel Consumption

Real-time data from the following reports will help reduce instances of speeding, idling, and hard-driving events:

  • Stop/Start/Idle
  • Speed
  • Stop

Reducing the cause of 80% of wasted fuel consumption when driving will help to increase driver accountability and improve the company bottom-line.

Improve Response Times Using Real-Time Data

The reports generated by any number of GPS solutions from GPSTrackit provide real-time data valuable for any business to improve customer service or service call response times. The technology used to create GPSTrackit products provides data that helps drivers to respond in real-time to traffic changes, maintenance needs, and customer requests more efficiently.

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