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Fleet Manager’s™ Open API

GPS Trackit has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that functions as a web service, enabling customers and third-party developers to more efficiently move vehicle location, performance, and engine diagnostic data to other systems.

Exported data can be used in resource planning systems. By analyzing mileage, stops, fuel consumption, and other factors, managers can determine optimal numbers of vehicles for their fleet to provide the best possible customer service.

Vehicle maintenance systems utilize the service history, combined with engine diagnostic data, to make service decisions. Vehicle performance can be assessed to determine when a vehicle should be retired from the fleet and sold. Scheduling systems can use the route data to appropriately schedule drivers for the best response times.

API Requests

The web service is based on REST, which is short for Representational State Transfer. REST is a method of performing a set of basic operations like creating, reading, updating, or deleting information using simple HTTP calls.

In order to use the new Open API, users first request a key for their account. The key is used in a customizable URI (Universal Resource Identifier). The URI looks much like a URL (Universal Resource Locator – the path a web browser uses to find web pages), but can be customized to request specific data.

The key is used to identify the user. By assigning a separate key to each user, the security for that user is propagated to the web service, limiting the data they have access to.

Data Queues are faster than the Data Pump, but there is no filter to request a specific record. Data Queues contain vehicle tracking and location data, event data (Ignition On/Off, Travel Start/Stop, etc.) and input data (Door switches, seat belt alerts, PTOs, etc). For customers transporting perishables, temperature data from up to three temperature zones is included.

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