New Developments Improve Fuel Economy: Technology Alone Won’t Solve the Problem

Big Rig Trucking companies benefit from higher fuel economy standards for new vehicles.[companyInfo]

Read the latest from industry publications on legislation related to fuel economy:

Study: Fuel Consumption of New Trucks Can Be Reduced By More

Fuel consumption of new heavy-duty vehicles could be reduced by more than a third by 2025, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, if the next phase of greenhouse gas/fuel economy standards pushes improvements in areas such as trailer aerodynamics and waste-heat energy recovery.

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Topping 10 MPG: Maximum Fuel Economy Comes When Talent, Tech Unite

Are we about to pass the 10-mile-per-gallon threshold in long-haul trucking? Owner-operator Henry Albert certainly thinks so.  Albert, owner of Albert Transport out of Mooresville, N.C., is a member of Freightliner Trucks’ Team Run Smart. These are five drivers who each represent a positive aspect of the owner-operator business and lifestyle.

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Analyzing Fleet Fuel Cards

First, determine if your fleet could benefit by utilizing a fleet fuel card provider. Then, analyze your company’s fleet to determine its needs. Finally, start asking the right questions.  Making the decision to utilize a fuel card goes beyond simply selecting a provider. A fleet manager must determine that a fleet card is needed. Once that decision has been made, you need to analyze the fuel card providers and select the program or provider that best meets the fleet’s needs.

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