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[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_left” icon=”notebook” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#ffffff”][text_style size=”” line_height=”” color=”#fff”]Go Paperless, Go GPSTrackit.[/text_style][/icon_feature]
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An innovative approach to Mobile Workforce Management.

Connecting your team from a wider perspective. Mobile applications along with driver management tools use a Birdseye view of your entire workforce to improve transparency.

[icon_feature icon=”three-bars” icon_size=”64″ icon_color=”#ffffff” heading=”Mobile Workforce Management” heading_color=”#ffffff”][text_style size=”” line_height=”” color=”#fff”] Your ability to stay connected to your workforce, using Android, Windows or iOS platforms, will help you make better-informed decisions. Track everything from driver hours and breaks to trip inspections and completed deliveries.[/text_style][/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon=”upload6″ icon_size=”64″ icon_color=”#ffffff” heading=”Constant Coverage and Communication ” heading_color=”#ffffff”][text_style size=”” line_height=”” color=”#fff”] Communicate with your employees when it matters most, and improve the reliability of your service to your customers. Provide routing decisions based on driver availability, weather and traffic, and make decisions on the fly. [/text_style][/icon_feature]
[text_style size=”24px” line_height=”” color=”#fff”]Success Story[/text_style]

[text_style size=”18px” line_height=”30px” color=”#fff”]“Being able to track and manage our trucks in a quick click allows us to give our customers up-to-date information ensuring that the job is being done in a timely, yet safe, manner. We can track speed, route information, mileage, whether they’re using safe driving practices or not, and we can dispatch using the SMS feature. We can also use this service to track jobs done outside of business hours. I cannot imagine how we worked prior to using this service!”[/text_style]

[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_right” icon=”settings-remote” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” text_align=”align_right” heading=”Mobile Solutions”]Stay in constant contact with your workforce and keep tabs on equipment and goods with a powerful suite of mobile features, including custom alerts based on driver behavior, location, and delivery status.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_right” icon=”bubbles2″ icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” text_align=”align_right” heading=”Two-Way Communication”]Keep drivers and products moving with two-way communication. Driver feedback and decision-making by managers and dispatch can be coordinated in real-time.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_right” icon=”file3″ icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” text_align=”align_right” heading=”GPSTrackIt Forms”]GPSTrackIt Forms help you stay productive by eliminating paperwork, both on-site and off-site, speeding up approvals, and organizing the information that you need to keep your drivers on the road. [/icon_feature]
[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_left” icon=”devices” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” heading=”Dispatching and Reporting”]Know the locations of your drivers and the equipment they are carrying to improve the coordination of your workforce. Powerful reporting features help you identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and cut costs. [/icon_feature]
[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_left” icon=”gauge” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” heading=”Driver Behavior + Scoring”]Use real-time driver behavior, such as speeding, idle time and mileage, and composite scores to manage your workforce, improve safety and limit liability. [/icon_feature]
[icon_feature feature_style=”feature_icon_left” icon=”road” icon_size=”48″ icon_color=”#607d8b” heading=”Advanced Routing”]Our advanced routing functionality helps you improve delivery and response times by taking into consideration the locations of your drivers, tolls and anything that might slow you down.[/icon_feature]