Issues Slow Adoption of Green Fleet Initiatives, Impact Fuel Economy

Green Fleet Initiatives, Impact Fuel Economy


Read the latest from industry publications on fuel economy and green fleets:

NACFE finds five “hurdles” retard adoption of fuel saving systems

A recent report compiled by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) on behalf of the International Council for Clean Transportation(ICCT) determined that five major “hurdles” are preventing many heavy-duty fleets from adopting a wide range of fuel efficiency technologies: hurdles that include lack of access to capital and uncertainty regarding payback calculations.

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‘Fleet Creep’ and Vehicle Over-Spec’ing Thwart Green Fleet Initiatives

The larger the vehicle, the greater the emissions. The more vehicles there are in a fleet, the greater the cumulative emissions. In every fleet operation, you will find employees driving larger-than-needed vehicles to fulfill the fleet application.

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Recognizing the 100 Best Public Sector Fleets

The 100 Best Fleets program recognizes and rewards peak-performing fleet operations in North America. The 100 Best Fleets have proven their efficiency and effectiveness and have implemented cost-savings measures that have benefited their departments and agencies.

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