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Introducing GPS Tracking to Employees

Employee adoption of GPS Tracking

GPS Trackit has worked with thousands of companies that have installed a GPS Fleet Management solution and are now reaping the rewards.

Our GPS Fleet Management solution manages your drivers, vehicles, equipment and assets so you have more time to grow your business. GPSTrackIt’s GPS system will give you improved customer service, your driver’s routes will be optimized to save gas and also save precious time. All the while reducing your bottom line costs and putting more money in your pocket.

How To Have Your Employees Embrace GPS Tracking

We have created the following Best Practices to assist you in introducing GPS tracking to your employees.

The key to having a successful GPS tracking deployment with your employees is “upfront and clear communication.”

Equipment loss prevention
Vehicle maintenance savings
Optimize and Manage Fleet
Less time in traffic

Equipment tracking devices help keep your assets safe.

Here are 10 “Best Practice” tips on how to introduce GPS tracking to your team:

When you have upfront and clear communication you will successfully relieve most concerns and apprehensiveness about deploying your GPS tracking solution with your employees. You will share and explain to them your reasons for bringing in GPS tracking. Hence, giving them the opportunity to understand and appreciate the benefits the employees will receive as well as the savings to your business.

1: Highlight Staff Benefits

Less paperwork. Proof of work performed. No more manual log book entries. A GPSTrackIt client had a driver cleared of speeding by showing authorities the GPS tracking report. Less time in traffic.

2: Give Incentives

Explore ways to share your company’s GPS tracking savings. When employees understand that they can benefit “in their pocket” by being conscious of costs and driving habits they are much more likely to embrace GPS tracking.

3: Be Upfront, Honest and Transparent

Share with your team early in the process about your plans to implement a system. This will give the employees a chance to ask questions and share their concerns. Listen to their concerns, share your thoughts and you will put them at ease.

4: Be Specific and Don’t Hide How The System Works and It’s Overall Benefits To The Company

Better customer service and retention with route optimization and real-time vehicle location. Gas savings. Vehicle maintenance savings. Equipment loss prevention. Being able to prove to customers length of visit, arrival times and departure times history.

5: Establish That It’s Not Personal

Put your Team at ease by explaining that the purpose of GPS tracking to optimize and manage the entire fleet, not individual drivers. Explain that you are looking to more evenly distribute the workload.

6: Accentuate Driver and Fleet Safety

Employees will appreciate and understand that a lot of GPS tracking is focused on driver and fleet safety. GPS tracking has been proven to reduce accidents, tickets and in many cases reduce insurance premiums. As well as maintaining DOT compliance.

7: Listen To and Be Open To Employee Feedback and Ideas

When you’re a good listener and take into consideration your employee thoughts and feedback, that will go a long way in having your Team accept your GPS solution.

8: Maintain a Positive Attitude

As you may sense and have some resistance, it’s important to stay positive and underscore the overall savings and safety benefits to the employees and company.

9: Write a Policy for GPS Usage and Expectations

Put company expectations and employee rewards in writing. Once Team members see what possible rewards they can receive it will make implementation go that much smoother and faster.

10: Continually Recognize and Share Positive Benchmarks and Driver Accomplishments:

By doing this on a regular basis, your Team will recognize that this Fleet Management System is an important and integral part of your company’s daily operating procedures and is here to stay.

With your newly implemented GPS tracking system everyone in your organization will be more efficient and effective in their positions. With that it is possible for you to start saving a significant amount of expenses and costs in a relatively short period of time and for the long term with GPS fleet management.

Protect your equipment.

Outsmart thieves and prevent misuse.