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International GPS Tracking and Fleet Managment

Thank you for your interest in using our GPS tracking solutions for your business. To help us better serve you we would like you to fill out this brief questionnaire about your international GPS tracking requirements.

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Business Name

Geographic Region - What region(s) so you plan to deploy GPS devices?

Coverage - GPS data is communicated via wireless. Do you require satellite coverage, or cellular (GPRS), or both?

Do you have access to a local GPRS wireless carrier to handle your own air-time?

Asset Monitoring - Do you require constant tracking for fleet management? (1-5 minute updates, 24/7), or occasional (Low data) updates for asset management and/or theft recovery (1-6 locates per day)?

Does the tracking device need to be hidden?

Will you be installing in vehicles? Or non-powered assets?

How many assets do you plan on tracking?

Do you have a budget in place? If so, when do you plan on purchasing?

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