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Ambulance and EMS GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Quicker Ambulance Response Times

Whether you’re in the city or the country, our fleet management software can help you locate the nearest emergency response vehicle, optimize your routes and get to the scene faster. Save fuel, and save lives!

Nearest Vehicle Location
Route Optimization and Map
Turn by Turn Navigation
Log Trip Time and Mileage
Urban and Rural Coverage

EMS Asset Protection and Safety

Emergency response vehicles receive enough wear and tear as it is. Help to prolong the life of your vehicles, and improve the safety of your workers, by monitoring driver behavior and receiving scheduled maintenance reminders.

Cut Fuel Costs
Reduce Vehicle Wear and Tear
Scheduled Maintenance and Vehicular Diagnostics Alerts
Driver Safety Alerts
Driver Behavior Reports

Real-Time Locate
Know where your emergency and non-emergency vehicles are at all times with our real-time vehicle location capability.
Go Paperless. Go Green.
Paperless records are not only good for the environment, they also help to improve the content and accuracy of important documents, such as medical records and claims.
Birds Eye View
Easily locate the quickest routes and nearest drivers with a Birds Eye view of the map in our Fleet Manager console.
24/7 Vehicle Monitoring
Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking makes your mobile assets completely transparent.

ambulance and ems gps fleet tracking systems

Recordkeeping and Compliance

Electronic trip and billing logs are more accurate and more reliable than paper documents. Improve the rate of acceptance for your insurance claims by keeping detailed records about company compliance and safety.

Improve Compliance and Claim Acceptance
Electronic Trip and Billing Logs
Monitor Light and Siren Activity
Monitor Seat Belt Usage
Validate Medical Records

Track Vehicles 24/7, even in Remote Locations.

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