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Manage Mobile Crews

Improve Customer Service

Cut Costs and Time

HVAC GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS TrackIt’s Fleet Pro Package Provides Real-Time, GPS Vehicle Tracking Software for Fleet Managers and Dispatchers.

GPS TrackIt builds fleet management solutions based on unique business needs, helping clients improve customer and employee satisfaction and reduce costs.

Dispatch HVAC Trucks More Efficiently

Trucks, lawn tractors, power equipment and storage containers can be networked into a single, powerful fleet tracking and management system that is easy to use, affordable, and that typically pays for itself within a few months.

Keep gardeners and grounds crews on schedule and on the map
Protect vehicles and equipment from theft
Monitor PTO (power take off) events
Set landmarks and log arrival and departure times
Validate time sheets

Electronically track after-hours usage
Cut costs with route optimization
Speeding alerts, and vehicle maintenance notifications
Generate reports to log expenses & shorten billing cycles
Convert paper invoices and forms to electronic

Improve customer service and outshine the competition.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

GPS Trackit Helps You Save On Taxes.

Section 179 Deduction Limit Increased to One Million for 2018!

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