GPSTrackIt Introduces the T5000 Satellite for the Ultimate in Global Fleet Communications offers Communications Satellite Tracking over 80% of the Earth's Surface. offers Communications Satellite Tracking over 80% of the Earth's Surface.

GPSTrackIt Raises the Bar on Vehicle Tracking and Asset Protection

It’s one thing to use GPS to track crews in cities or rural areas; but what if a crew is working at a refinery in the desert or cutting a fire break in a remote part of a national forest? What if they’re on an ice road hauling supplies to Skagway or on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? How can they be reliably located and tracked?

The answer is GPSTrackIt’s T5000-Satellite, a new breed of vehicle, equipment and asset tracker.

Using sophisticated geo-location technology, GPSTrackIt’s T5000 provides coverage for up to 80% of the Earth’s surface – including the oceans.

The T5000 is a feature-rich, cutting-edge hardware and software solution that reduces theft and unauthorized use. No matter where a job site is located, onsite vehicles or heavy equipment can be tracked with the touch of a button.

The T5000-Satellite is also designed to integrate with GPSTrackIt’s sophisticated fleet management software, offering:

  • Real-time tracking and historical reports;
  • The highest quality mobile coverage and communication;
  • A cost-effective cloud-based solution for any business operating a remote fleet.

“The T5000 provides report data on engine idling, speeding, and landmarks that increase driver accountability and reduce fuel consumption,” according to GPSTrackIt Product Manager Eddie Bermudez.  “Driver timesheet information streamlines the processing of billing and payroll.  The T5000 saves businesses time and money, while protecting their most valuable assets in even the most remote locations.”

The T5000 additionally delivers actionable insights into the use of heavy equipment.  Transport companies and business owners can use the vehicle tracking and location data to organize operations, manage driver accountability, and reduce company overhead.

“The T5000 includes four inputs to monitor external on/off switches, user-defined updates for satellite coverage, and can locate vehicles or equipment on demand,” adds Bermudez.  “It offers global communications satellite coverage and provides alerts via text or email.”

The unit is hardwired, with a low power consumption ‘sleep’ mode.  A 9-24V adapter for 24V vehicles is available.

T5000 Protects more than Equipment and Vehicles.

“With the new Driver Alert, the T5000 is able to send a signal to dispatch from a remote transmitter that can be carried on a keychain,” concludes Bermudez.  “Workers in remote areas can trigger an alert and help is on the way – no matter where in the world they are.”

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