Fleet managers and dispatchers have increased flexibility in managing their vehicles. GPS Trackit introduces new multi-group membership for vehicles and assets.

Innovate (1)Temecula, CA  April 1st, 2015 – GPS Trackit introduces the ability to have vehicles belong to multiple vehicle groups simultaneously.  This feature enables groups to be ‘nested’, expanding the reporting and alerting capabilities of Fleet Manager, their award-winning fleet and mobile workforce management system.

According to Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Development Manager, this new capability has been implemented throughout the system.

“A vehicle belonging to more than a single group now appears in the list for each group selected,” said Bermudez. “Units in two groups will appear twice, once in each group.”

Vehicle membership in multiple groups can be seen in the following changes to Fleet Manager:

  • The Vehicle Status page has been augmented with a selection/filter list for groups.
  • On the Map page, the information bubble for the unit displays all group tags.
  • The Analytics Dashboard can now compare two groups containing the same unit.
  • Scheduled Reports can be run using multiple groups.

“This enables the creation of ‘nested’ or vehicle sub-groups,” said Bermudez. “Say there are sales teams at local offices. Each office has a ‘Sales Team’ vehicle group. But the regional sales manager is responsible for five locations, so the vehicles are also in the ‘Regional Sales Team’ group. This enhances the reporting capabilities significantly.”

About GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit was established in 1999.  For over 15 years it has been a leading North American supplier of GPS tracking and fleet management services.  Located in Southern California, GPS Trackit is dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS technology backed by the best customer service in the industry today.