Temecula, CA – In 1999, when GPSTrackIt.com/ started, John Stull company founder and CEO knew that the GPS technology companies of the day were purely focused on just selling GPS hardware. All the while the software on those devices is what gave the customer their experience, was severely underdeveloped.

Press Release - GPSTrackIt.com/ Embodies 15 Yrs of Slashing Expenses & Increasing Driver Safety for Their Clients

GPSTrackIt.com/’s commitment fifteen years ago and is still ever present today in the company’s culture, is to be a software development company which focuses on delivering feature rich, easy to use, and highly responsive internet based software that makes it easy for their clients to deploy and utilize GPS hardware.

This philosophy has a proven fifteen-year track record of thousands of satisfied clients experiencing the ROI that they expected to see from their initial investment and as is with so many clients, an even higher ROI than expected.

“After all, saving our clients money and increasing driver safety by utilizing our GPS technology is what continues to drive our business every day”, says John Stull.

In the past 3 to 5 years, multi-billion dollar publicly traded businesses have entered the fleet market. In doing so, these companies have been buying up many of the smaller GPS tracking companies to enhance their portfolios for Wall Street.

“This has played to our extreme advantage”, John Stull added. “GPSTrackIt.com/ remains a closely held, private company which is much more of a nimble organization. This makes it easy for us to truly connect with our clients giving them what they need specific to their individual businesses.”

GPSTrackIt.com/’s cutting edge technology recently took home the Gold Award from Silicon Valley’s prestigious Networks Products Guide’s 9th Annual IT Industry’s 2014 Hot Companies and Best Product Awards Gala in San Francisco.

In June, the City of San Diego, California Legislature Assembly and the State of California recognized GPSTrackIt.com/ as one of the top 3 Most Innovative Products for 2014.

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About GPSTrackIt.com/:
Established in 1999, located in Southern California, GPSTrackit is dedicated to providing its clients the most innovative, cutting-edge GPS tracking technology for business vehicles and assets accompanied by their world-class customer service.