Real-Time Monitoring
Global Coverage
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Live GPS Satellite Tracking System

GPS Satellite Tracking

Our satellite for vehicles, boats and equipment is an ideal GPS tracking solution for any business, non-profit, government or military operation located in a remote area. GPS satellite tracking solution uses global communications satellites for real-time tracking and fleet management, enabling operations to obtain reliable GPS tracking wherever cellular coverage is unstable.

Global Coverage from 75°N to 75°S
Locate on Demand via Direct Satellite.
Emergency Alert Keyring Device
Unlimited Data Storage

Worldwide GPS Tracking in Remote Areas

Remote energy production, government, military and charitable field operations, construction projects, maritime fleets, agriculture and more can benefit from our satellite solution. The device is specially configured to track and report 24/7, in areas where:

There is NO cell coverage;
Safety and liability are concerns;
Panic alerts may be needed in the event of an emergency;
Remote, real-time monitoring is crucial to operational success.

With up to 80% of the Earth’s surface in view, vehicles, equipment and personnel can be located in moments by desktop, laptop, SmartPhone or tablet.

Locate on Demand with Satellite Tracking