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Group Offers Brake Maintenance Tips as Part of Brake Safety Awareness Month

The Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) is sponsoring Brake Safety Awareness Month in August, in hopes of promoting better brake maintenance among all drivers. This is a good time to remind your fleet drivers of the symptoms of brake problems and the importance of routine maintenance.

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What Drivers Should Know About Brake Problems

Here’s how to spot impending brake trouble — and how to describe it to the mechanic.  Brake troubles often remain invisible until the problem shows up in an unusual circumstance, such as a full-pressure panic stop, or a situation where a fast release is needed, but the brakes just won’t let go.

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Fleet Safety Tip of the Week: Skid Recovery

Here’s a video from Ford that offers advice on how to recover from a skid. The procedure may seem counter-intuitive for some, so you may want to pass this along to all your drivers as a friendly reminder.

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