GPS Tracking in the News for the Week Ending June 21st

Reports on distracted driving show handsfree may not be the safe-driving solution it seemed to be. is devoted to bringing you industry related news and information. On a weekly basis, we will post highlights from news found across the net that relates to GPS tracking, hardware, software, vehicle tracking and location, or asset monitoring and protection. To receive this weekly update by email: [button link=”” window=”yes” color=”orange”]Update Me[/button]

Why this safety technology doesn’t work

A new distracted driving report confirms what truckers know intuitively and expands upon what other studies say: Hands-free communications technology is just as distracting as hands-on.

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AAA Urging Drivers Not to Use Voice-to-Text Systems, Cites New Research

A new AAA study on driver cognitive distraction concludes that as mental workload and distractions increase, drivers’ reaction time slows, their brain function is compromised, and they scan the road less and miss visual cues. As a result, these drivers see fewer items right in front of them, including stop signs and pedestrians.

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Fleet Safety Tip of the Week: Skid Recovery

Here’s a video from Ford that offers advice on how to recover from a skid. The procedure may seem counter-intuitive for some, so you may want to pass this along to all your drivers as a friendly reminder.

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