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Free Greener Fleet Kit – Do Good and Grow Business

Green Fleet Kit Today more and more companies are recognizing the growing importance of running a ‘green’ business, whether to help reduce costs associated with waste, meet new vehicle emissions standards, or improve public image.

The Green Fleet Kit shows how to use GPS vehicle tracking to create a ‘greener’ business that also saves some ‘green’.

[typography font=”Francois One” size=”20″ size_format=”px” color=”808080″]The Green Fleet Kit outlines steps to:[/typography]

  • Reduce Fuel Costs: using the Idle Reduction Calculator.
  • Go Green: using info from the ebook on how to ‘green’ a fleet.
  • Be Smart: with useful tips on GPS reporting.
  • Stay Updated: on recent research about running an eco-business. 
  • Market Green: with useful stats on selling a ‘green’ business.

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