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Detailed Reports

Bird's Eye View

GeoFence Alerts

Driver Management and Safety

Here at GPS Trackit, we understand that safety is every bus fleet manager’s top priority. From scheduling buses to managing and training your drivers, GPS Trackit can help you make lasting changes to improve the safety and efficiency of your transportation service.

Driver Safety Alerts
Driver Behavior Reports
Two-Way Communication
Reduce Vehicle Wear and Tear



Bus Maintenance and Compliance

Regular vehicle maintenance is key to the success of any bus transportation company. Ensure the continuous and safe transport of your passengers with preventative maintenance and regular inspections.

Improve Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines
Monitor Red Flashing Light and Stop Sign Arm Activity
Scheduled Maintenance Alerts

Safe and Efficient Routing

Use Fleet Manager’s sophisticated routing tools to direct your drivers to the safest, most efficient routes. Our software makes it easy to switch up and alter routes as needed.

Optimize Drive Schedules and Routes
Turn by Turn Navigation
Log Trip Time and Mileage
Bus Delay Alerts
Arrival and Departure Alerts


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