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Driver Management with Elogs

Stay connected to your drivers with mobile two-way communication and make timely, informed decisions based on the view from the road. Simple electronic logging of hours and detailed driver behavior reports give you unbiased intel that you can immediately put to use.

Driver Behavior and Scoring
Easy Clock In/Out and Electronic Logging of Hours
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Eliminate Paperwork with GPS TrackIt Forms
Two-Way Mobile Messaging

Quicker, Safer Routes

Advanced routing of commercial fleets is surprisingly easy with Fleet Manager software. Choose the quickest, safest routes with a Birdseye view of driver availability, weather, traffic and anything that might slow you down. Set up vehicle-specific safety alerts based on driver behavior or vehicle diagnostics.

Route Optimization, Comparison + Reports
Historical Vehicle Movements
Driver Safety Alerts
Vehicle Diagnostics and Scheduled Maintenance Alerts
Geofence/Landmarks Breach Alerts

Comply with Safety Regulations

Did you know that our fleet management solution includes a federally-approved electronic logging device? Easily keep track of hours of service (HOS) and comply with upcoming DOT/FMCSA safety rules.

ELD + Logbook App

Compliance is easy, especially when your fleet management system is your ELD system.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze driver and vehicle logs to improve safety and guarantee compliance.

Fuel Tax Reporting

With Fleet Manager™ IFTA and HOS violations are a thing of the past.

Automate State Miles Reports

IFTA Fuel Tax Reports are easy to generate with a GPSTrackIt.com/ ProMiles® solution, helping make state and federal compliance hassle-free and verifiable.

State Mileage and Taxes
Quarterly/Time-Specified Options
Run Fleet Entire or Sub-Fleet Reports
Generate Specific Truck Reports
Fastest Web-Interface Speeds in the Industry

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