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Detailed Reports

Vehicle Reports

Driver Behavior Reports

GPS Fleet Management Reporting

Our GPS fleet management reporting tools have been built to meet the day-to-day intelligence needs of fleet-owning businesses. You can schedule reports to deploy automatically, making it easier than ever to get the reports you need precisely when you need them.

Monitor Fleet Activity
Get Actionable Data
View and Compare Trips
Generate Mileage Summaries

Detailed Vehicle Reports

The Detailed Report provides information about events, date and time, the location, vehicle speed, posted speed limit (if available), and direction of travel associated with specified vehicles. The Detailed Report displays an entry for each of the following events:

Ignition On
Travel Start/Stop
Ignition Off
Driver Login/Logout
Geofence In/Out
Rapid Acceleration
Hard Brake
Sudden Stop
Hard Turn
Fleet Manager Reports Screenshot
Fleet Manager Reports Screenshot

Driver Safety Reports

The Driver Safety Report compiles and displays driving behaviors that may indicate aggressive, distracted, or otherwise unsafe driving. Driver Safety entries are triggered upon the occurrence of rapid acceleration, hard turning, hard braking, and sudden stops.

On-Demand Temperature Reports

With GPS Trackit Temperature Monitoring, you can generate detailed temperature reports for up to three separate trailer zones. Track trailer temperature fluctuations and verify compliance with food safety regulations with regular updates, GPS time stamps, and location data.

Monitor Up to Three Temperature Zones
Keep Practices Safe and Compliant
On-Demand Temperature Reports
Eliminate Loss of Perishable Goods

⤍ Learn More About Temperature Monitoring

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Landmark Reports

Landmarks are used to define strategic locations on routes. These may be company facilities, filling stations and supply depots, customer locations, or any combination thereof. The Landmark Report shows when a vehicle is within a certain proximity of the landmark. It displays the landmark, the time and date entered, time and date left, the distance travelled in proximity to the landmark, and the time spent there.

Unlimited Landmarks
Landmark Entered/Exited Alerts
View Time Spent in Landmarks
Track Driver Interactions with Landmarks

Speed Reports

The Speed Report displays the speed of vehicles, the posted speed (if available), and the location at which the speed was recorded. This report can be used to monitor overall driving patterns across entire fleets.

View Posted Speed Limits
Set up Speed Alerts
Identify Speeding Patterns and Risks

Fleet Manager Reports Screenshot
Fleet Manager Reports Screenshot

State Miles Reports

For fleets that do business in multiple states, keeping track of fuel taxes can be an overwhelming bookkeeping challenge. Our State Miles Report shows the distance travelled for a given vehicle broken down by state, address, time and date, driver, and distance.

Miles Driven by State
Easily Calculate State Miles

Vehicle Diagnostic Indicators Reports

Fleet Manager™ displays engine diagnostic data, including OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and indicators like ABS, Airbags, brakes, coolant, cruise control, ignition, oil pressure, and the events. The nature of the indicators displayed varies across vehicle manufacturers, models, and model years.

Troubleshoot Engine Issues
Detect Potential Hazards
Optimize Fleet Health

Fleet Manager Reports Screenshot

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