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GPS Trackit Clients
GPS Trackit clients
GPS Trackit Clients
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P&CG reviews GPS Trackit

5/4 Stars

We started this relationship as an experiment to see how GPS tracking of vehicles could impact our operations as a construction company. The first 10 vehicles tracked eventually grew to 168 and is on its way to our full fleet of over 200 vehicles. The initial interest was in preparing State Mileage reports. That process went from a manual effort requiring 1 hour per truck per month for 30 vehicles to six clicks of the mouse to handle all vehicles for the month. That savings alone paid for the cost of the units. Then came ELDs and we had a very easy to implement solution. The GPS tracking units made the transition to Electronic Logs much easier and in 4 months start to finish we had moved from 100% paper logs to 100% electroinic logs. Definitely made a recent DOT audit much easier. I highly recommend GPS Trackit. Your fleet management life will be simplified and the data you can gather will help you make informed decisions with predictable results.

GPS User For Fleet of 8 Trucks

5/5 Stars

Great product and customer support. It helps us manage our drivers and give our customers better responses regarding delivery.

Fleet Manager is incredible!

5/5 Stars

Our company has been using Fleet Manager for a few years now. Having a fleet of vehicles on the roads everyday, this program has been a huge help for both managing vehicles and crews out on the job. The functions make it EASY to see vehicles in motion or parked, driving speeds, monitor reckless driving habits, or unscheduled stops. These tools are a must have for any business with vehicles on the roads.