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Automated HOS

No More Paper Log Books

DOT/FMCSA Compliance

Now that the ELD Mandate is in effect, there’s never been a better time to switch from your old paper logs to our fast, mobile-friendly electronic logging solution.

With GPS Trackit’s ELOGS, your drivers can log their hours and get on the road faster than ever before.

Easily Generate and Transmit Reports
Saves Time and Reduces Errors
Simple Storage and Retrieval

Empower Your Drivers with Electronic Logging of Hours

Break free from the hassle and inevitable errors involved in manual logging with our simple, driver-friendly interface. Keep your fleet on track with a system designed to help drivers handle inspections and generate accurate, compliant reports.

See HOS Status of All Vehicles
Extensive Real-Time Reporting
Minimize Violations

Convenient Color Coding
Easy-to-Use Interface

HOS Compliance Made Easy

With new federal rules and regulations being published constantly, truckers and trucking companies have a lot to deal with when it comes to getting (and staying) compliant. GPS Trackit is here to help make this compliance work for you. With a powerful suite of HOS logging and DVIR recording features, our electronic logbook software solution goes beyond compliance, helping drivers avoid violations and streamlining everyday logging procedures. 

Our ELOGS system is easy to use, driver-approved, and completely FMCSA compliant. Trucking fleets and owner-operators deserve an ELD solution that sets them up for success and doesn’t interfere with their processes. We have designed our electronic logging system to be as simple and fleet-friendly as possible, so drivers can be confident that their HOS logbook is correct and compliant.

The trucking and transportation industry is about to be changed forever by the mandatory ELD usage required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Stay ahead of the curve with an ELD solution built to keep your fleet confident, compliant, and moving forward.

Driver Alerts

Convenient alerts keep drivers informed, reducing violations. Set up custom alerts or choose from an extensive selection of industry-specific triggers and notifications.

Reduce Human Error

When a logbook error could lead to a DOT violation, accuracy is everything. Automation and alerts keep the potential for error to a minimum.

Ditch the Paper Logs

Get compliant and reduce your fleet’s paper waste. Greener and cleaner, going paperless eliminates the need for keeping track of paper logs.

Reduced Audit Risk

Avoid penalties and stay one step ahead of the DOT. Our system is designed to make managing HOS compliance achievable for every business.

Easy Log Sending

With a simple Roadside Inspection mode and multiple electronic data transfer options, drivers can quickly and easily submit their logs upon request.

Empowered Drivers

Give your drivers the tools they need to handle DOT inspections and logbook reviews with confidence. Our electronic logbook solution is self-certified and registered with the FMCSA.


“Our drivers recently underwent a Level I Inspection at a Port of Entry. The officers present were very impressed with the ELOGS and tablet features, saying they were the best they had seen so far.”

-Jaime, IST Solutions Inc

Achieving compliance isn’t easy. Let us help.