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ELOGS for Truckers Electronic Log Book Software

While many elogs providers are relatively new to the game and have little to no experience with the trucking industry, GPS Trackit has been serving truckers and fleets for over 17 years. This is why we can say with confidence that our elogs solution is the best for truckers everywhere. Our elogs for truckers support all the features required by the FMCSA:

Electronic Data Transfer Capabilities
Automatic Recording of Time, Date, Engine Hours, Location and Vehicle Miles
Automatic Change of Duty Status
Ability to Annotate and Edit ELD Records
Engine Connectivity Monitoring
Graph Display of Daily Duty Status Changes

Minute-by-Minute Logging

Know where your vehicles and equipment are at all times with our real-time vehicle location feature.

Trucker Tested

Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and improve the accuracy of your records with paperless recordkeeping.

Simple DVIR & Inspections

Easily identify the fastest routes and nearest drivers with a bird’s-eye view of the area in our Fleet Manager console.

Easy Installation

Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking improves transparency by increasing asset and vehicle visibility.

Trucker-Approved System

For many independent truckers, the transition from paper logs to electronic logging devices can be jarring. That’s why we’ve made our elogs for truckers easy to use and driver-friendly, so you can get logged and get on the road as fast as possible. There’s no reason for employed drivers and owner-operators to feel overwhelmed by compliance requirements, which is why we provide free, unlimited training and a dedicated support team to help you and your team through every step of the elogs implementation process.

Do you worry about losing out on pay with an electronic logging system that logs in increments? Our elogs for truckers are designed specifically to protect against this, so drivers get paid for every minute they spend on duty.


“Our drivers recently underwent a Level I Inspection at a Port of Entry. The officers present were very impressed with the e logs and tablet features, saying they were the best they had seen so far.”

-Jaime, IST Solutions Inc


Ever since the ELD rule was put into effect, drivers and fleet-owning businesses everywhere have been scrambling to get compliant. Our electronic logging devices and elogs app make it easy to comply with all ELD requirements. Stop worrying about DOT penalties and start enjoying the benefits of electronic logging with full-service DVIR and Roadside Inspection features.

GPS Trackit’s elogs app is self-certified and registered with the FMCSA. With regular software updates and a team of experienced compliance specialists on your side, you’ll never have to worry about HOS violations.

With the deadline for ELD compliance on its way, every driver subject to the ELD rule should give themselves all the time they can to adapt to elogs. Having time to become familiar with electronic logs without the threat of an HOS violation looming overhead is crucial for every driver who needs to make the switch by the end of the year. Give yourself this much-needed head start by being proactive about finding an ELD solution. Start by creating a checklist covering all your fleet’s logging needs. Since these can be different for all operations, it’s important to take stock of the following when looking for an elogs for truckers system:

Are you exempt from the ELD rule? Find out more.
Are you/your drivers currently using AOBRDs for HOS logging?
Are you/your drivers currently using a GPS vehicle tracking system that will need to work with your ELD solution?

Smart and Scalable Solution

Whether you’re an owner-operator just trying to keep your rig on the road or a fleet manager with thousands of trucks to account for, our elogs system offers everything you need to get compliant and keep your operation running without disruption. We provide plans to fit every fleet:

Electronic HOS Logging

Fully compliant and mobile-friendly electronic logbook

Custom DVIR

Record and send fully customizable Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

HOS Dashboard

Indicates HOS remaining to drivers and dispatchers

Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts when an inspection fails or a driver approaches HOS violation


Training and support available from ELDFleet

Basic Reporting

HOS and DVIR report capabilities

Distraction-Free Driving

Display greys out when vehicle is in motion

2-Way Messaging

Keep the lines of communication open with convenient messaging

Mapping and Vehicle Tracking

Locate and track vehicles in real time

Engine Diagnostics

View diagnostic information


Generate IFTA-compliant trip records

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Know when drivers speed, brake too hard, or accelerate too quickly.

Advanced Reporting

Driver Behavior, Idle Time, Speed, Ignition On/Off, and Location-Based report capabilities

Starter Disable

Remotely disable the vehicle starter


Not sure which solution is right for your business?

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