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Data Pump

This data export option provides three separate data streams:

  • Units/Groups by Date Range
  • Units/Groups Since Previous Update
  • Units/Groups Last Reported Event

Once the unit or group containing the desired data has been identified, Fleet Manager™ issues three URLs, each configured to retrieve one of the above-listed data sets.

The potential applications for this data are extensive—data from the Units/Groups Last Reported, for example, can be exported to dispatching systems for use in route optimization.

Data Queues

A Data Queue acts as a holding tank for requested data. This data is copied as it enters the system. The copy is then Stored in the Data Queue while the original is committed to the Fleet Manager™ database. These Queues are configured to process up to 200 messages before recycling.

Similar to Data Pumps, Data Queues use customizable URLs to provide access to data via an API key. Though Queues work faster than Pumps, they have no filter for requesting a specific record.

Data Queues can contain vehicle tracking and location data, temperature zone data, event data (Ignition On/Off, Travel Start/Stop, etc.) and input data (door switches, seat belt alerts, PTO events, etc.).

Open API

The most efficient and robust data export option Fleet Manager™ provides is an Open Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides a way of sharing data between disparate systems and enables third-party developers to read, update, and delete data from a host system.

An Open API makes third-party integration seamless, eliminating redundant data and providing fast data retrieval.

  • Update and Delete Records
  • Eliminating Redundant Data
  • Fastest Data Retrieval
  • Third-Party Integration
gps tracking device with open api
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