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Legal Issues of GPS Tracking of Individuals

No one disputes the benefits of GPS tracking. Global Positioning Systems have made it possible to track everything from stolen cars to lost hikers. GPS vehicle tracking has transformed the transportation, logistics, shipping industries and field service businesses. GPS-enabled cell phone apps allow us to quickly find a new restaurant,...

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Fleet Tracking Software

Blog - 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Fleet Tracking Software

There are plenty of options out there on the market when it comes to fleet tracking software, and regardless of whether you’ve purchased a program in the past or you’re venturing into new territory as a first-time buyer, it’s important that you do your due diligence before making a...

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The Future of GPS: Self-Driving Cars

Blog - The Future of GPS: Self-Driving Cars

Flying cars may still be the stuff of science fiction, but driverless cars are right around the corner. Combining GPS technology with state-of-the-art sensors, Google’s experimental self-driving car is a giant step toward the future. Initial test drives have been nothing short of phenomenal. (Click here to watch a...

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What Can You Track with GPS Tracking? Our Short List

Blog - What Can You Track with GPS? Our Short List

When you hear the term “GPS tracking”, what’s the first association that comes to mind? If you said cars and trucks, you’re in the majority. Tracking automotive vehicles is the most commonly known purpose attached to GPS systems. Companies track fleet vehicles, police find stolen cars and your roadside...

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Track More Than Vehicles with a GPS Tracking Asset System

Blog - Track More Than Vehicles with a GPS Tracking Asset System

Business owners can use GPS tracking asset solution to keep tabs on their equipment and where these invaluable assets are located at any given time. This is nothing new, but a strong asset tracking system creates peace of mind that your equipment has not been stolen or misused. A strong system...

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Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Mean “Big Brother” is In the House?

Blog - Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Mean "Big Brother" is In the House?

George Orwell’s eerily prescient novel 1984 popularized the term “Big Brother”. The name of the book’s all-seeing dictator has come to refer to any oppressive form of mass surveillance. Does GPS vehicle tracking qualify as today’s equivalent of “Big Brother”? When it comes to law enforcement, the Supreme Court so far...

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GPS Tracking Then to Now

Blog - GPS Tracking Then to Now

There are a handful of historical events that have led to the ways in which modern Global Positioning Systems are used today. As more and more technologies unfold and as they continue to simplify our lives, it’s easy to forget how we’ve come to use them. GPS was initially...

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Navigation Before GPS – Can You Remember It?

Blog - Navigation Before GPS - Can You Remember It?

How do you get from one point to another today? You enter an address or two into your GPS in either your smartphone or car, right? It seems unthinkable to navigate a course in any type of vehicle without one. But if you reach deep into your memory banks,...

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Letting Go Just Got Easier: Tech Tools for Safer Teen Driving

GPS tracking technology

In a national survey by a DaimlerChrysler AG division, parents have said that they are worried first and foremost about their teenager’s safety while driving more than any other problem. Although teenage pregnancy and underage drinking also made the list, a staggering 59% of parents stated that teen driving...

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Hit Up That Food Truck: GPS Tracking for Food Trucks

These days food trucks have become something much greater than a dingy old truck off the side of the road. Today Food Trucks are Gourmet Destinations for Tourists, Locals, and Perfect for the Professional on a Lunch Break Some of the best gourmet food trucks in the United States...

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