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Payroll Problems? How to Deal With Employee Time Theft

How to handle time theft at the office.

Employee time theft can present huge problems for employers in any industry. However, unlike other types of theft, time theft can be nearly impossible to detect without constant vigilance. If employers want to protect their profits and reduce payroll expenses, they must be willing to invest in measures that...

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Asset Assurance: 5 Fleet Protection Strategies to Adopt ASAP

Protect your fleet with these five proven strategies.

There are almost countless variables that fleet managers have to account for on a daily basis. Everything from inclement weather to a job site issue can endanger your equipment, vehicles, and other company assets. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can implement to minimize the impact of these...

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How Telematics Prevents Employee Time Theft

employee time theft

Vehicle telematics can do a lot more than you know. If you have installed telematics for your fleet of vehicles, you already know how the system is helping you improve the efficiency of your fleet. However, did it ever occur that the advantages of telematics might go beyond just...

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$61K Recovered Using GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager

Press Release - Lowe Material Transport Recovers $61K Using GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager

Temecula, CA – 5am Monday morning Ron Lowe, from Lowe Material Transport, receives an urgent call from his driver asking, “Where’s the truck?” Ron replied, “It should be in the yard!” His driver responded, “No it’s not, Ron!” Ron immediately goes to his laptop and logs into GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet...

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What are You Building Today? Mountains of Paperwork or Meaningful Structures?

Mountains of Paperwork

Why Construction Jobs Can Benefit from GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software Construction projects and machines go hand-in-hand. Contractors who deploy resources daily across one or many projects navigate a complex network of manpower and machine allocation. Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations...

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Stop Vehicle & Equipment Theft Once and For All with GPSTrackIt

GPSTrackIt's L2000 for Fleet Vehicles

Watch the latest video from Neth Maison and Steven Deeble to see how theft protection works, GPSTrackIt style: GPSTrackIt helps business and government fleet operations protect vehicles, equipment and portable assets from theft and misuse with: 24/7 Real-Time GPS Satellite Tracking Global Coverage Across 80% of the Earth GeoFence...

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