Are you still resisting the idea of implementing a GPS tracking fleet management system? You might believe that it’s just a more expensive way of doing what you’re already doing. Can you afford to pass up a chance to reduce your fleet costs by up to one-fifth of the total? Here are some of the ways GPS tracking generates fleet cost savings for CCBCC and other companies. >> Continue Reading

Last year you heard the inside story of Christmas Eve 2013 and its harrowing near-crisis that inspired Santa Claus to have his sleigh fitted with a GPS tracking system. Thanks to a GPS Trackit fleet management solution that is tops in the industry, all the good little boys and girls received their gifts on time and without incident in 2014. >> Continue Reading

If you have ever driven on roads that pass through woodlands and other remote areas, you know the importance of watching for deer and other wildlife that can appear with no warning. In North America alone, deer-vehicle collisions number approximately 1.25 million per year, with 150 human fatalities and insurance payouts close to $4 billion. >> Continue Reading