how gps tracking works

How GPS Tracking Works

Over the last decade, GPS tracking has gained immense popularity among fleet managers. The use of GPS tracking can be seen in everything from phones and tablets to cars to fleet management. However, despite its popularity, very few understand how GPS works. To have an idea on the workings of a GPS tracking system, we first need to..

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gps tracking

How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Staff

Accurate and comprehensive data collection has made GPS tracking for businesses an integral part of an effective fleet management program. High-tech software produces detailed reports on demand, while the information can be stored indefinitely for instant reference. No matter how beneficial a change is to the workplace, employees who are used to the "old" way..
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Go Green: Tips on Going Paperless in Your Office

During the embryonic days of the computer, we were assured that a “paperless office” was only a matter of time. Fast forward 50 years, and a paperless office is still a concept for the future as people continue to print emails, spreadsheets, reports and other computer-generated materials. Today, environmental concerns add an element of urgency..

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Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Business

When you want to purchase a GPS tracking system or other fleet management tools, how do you decide where to spend your money? If you’re like most Americans, you study online reviews from other consumers. With digital recommendations holding such value, it’s clear that they are equally important in persuading customers to buy from you…

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How to Build Your Business Brand

When it comes to GPS tracking systems, we focus on building GPSTrackIt as the brand that saves fleets money, saves fleets time and increases their profits. Do you believe that branding is a practice that’s relevant only for large companies and manufacturers? That may have been true at one time, but today a brand is needed for any..

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Does Going Green Really Save Money?

As a fleet manager, you are no doubt conscious of following “going green” practices to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Eco-awareness is something that needs to be part of our lives, even when we are not at work as well, to preserve Earth’s precious and dwindling resources. While you work to improve fuel usage and..

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