GPS tracking is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. In addition to helping you provide better customer service, fleet GPS can also save you money. Part one of this series on the ROI of GPS tracking covered reduced fuel costs and part two discussed savings on labor expenses. This article will cover the third way you can save money and generate a faster return on your investment: lower insurance costs. >> Continue Reading

April was ‘Distracted Driving’ month, but the theme is resonating into the month of May. The effects of events held by various organizations, articles are written, and hundreds of thousands of issued citations are signs that distracted driving is a serious issue not to take lightly. The past and recent rulings in distracted driving lawsuits are a clear sign that companies need to pay more attention to their occupational drivers. >> Continue Reading

4 million drivers and 700,000 fleet operators were directly affected by the ban on cell phone use while driving, put into law by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at the beginning of the year.With the ban being in place since the first quarter of the year, ZoomSafer decided to take a survey to learn how businesses are coping with the changes. >> Continue Reading