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The Benefits of GPS Tracking for Construction

Construction fleets can use GPS to cut costs and protect equipment.

GPS is currently used in many vehicles and devices, as it has a range of benefits. If you lose your phone, you can easily find it with GPS tracking. If you forget where you park your car, you can locate it in no time with GPS. A similar principle...

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GPS Tracking for Construction Companies: What’s the Benefit?

In the past, managing a fleet typically involved plenty of paperwork and lots of phone calls.  At the end of the day, fleet managers often had to manually calculate the data that was important to their operation—miles driven, fuel used, etc. As technology has advanced, the role and duties...

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Fleet Vehicle of the Week: 2014 Ram ProMaster

GPSTrackIt Fleet Vehicle of the Week

2014 Ram Promaster Snazzy, Jazzy 21st Century Features Carry the Cargo Van to a New Level of Utility With a sleek new design, multiple cab options, and rear doors that can be secured into place at 260 degrees on the sides of the vehicle, the all new Ram ProMaster...

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What are You Building Today? Mountains of Paperwork or Meaningful Structures?

Mountains of Paperwork

Why Construction Jobs Can Benefit from GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software Construction projects and machines go hand-in-hand. Contractors who deploy resources daily across one or many projects navigate a complex network of manpower and machine allocation. Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations...

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GPSTrackIt Treks to the Trade Shows

GPSTrackIt's Chris McHenry at the 4GLTE Trade Show.

2013 Verizon 4GLTE Trade Show GPSTrackIt.com/ – represented by National Account Executive Chris McHenry – was one of many companies exhibiting at the November 2013 4GLTE Innovation Trade Show presented by Verizon Wireless in New Mexico and Las Vegas. The goal of the event was to showcase different solutions...

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’03-’08 Rams are Recalled – Western Star Adds AWD – The Colorado Returns

Ram Recalls 1.2 Million Trucks

[companyInfo] Ram Recalls 1.2 Million Trucks Chrysler Group LLC is recalling about 1.2 million Ram trucks to determine if repairs are needed to address potential steering problems, Bloomberg News reported. Chrysler said about 453,000 Ram trucks have tie rods that might not have been…. Read Full Story… Western Star...

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The Science and Applications of Communication Satellite GPS Tracking

Shining solar farms can be monitored by satellite GPS.

Urban field service personnel spend their days navigating the hustling, bustling cities and suburbs, where populations are high and cell coverage abundant. Enterprises using GPS tracking to monitor vehicles, equipment and personnel can easily link field vehicles to fleet managers and dispatchers by transmitting data across ground-based cell-tower networks...

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Save with Vehicle Tracking and GeoFences on Construction Sites

Fleet Tracking Systems Construction

GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry. Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking....

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How to Use GPS Tracking to Improve Construction Site Compliance

GPS Tracking Construction

An important part of managing a construction site includes maintaining compliance with regulatory authorities, local ordinances, and site-specific customer requirements. It is up to site supervisors to convey any restrictions to the team on-site, but enforcing these restrictions is not always a simple task. Using a GPS vehicle tracking...

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How to Manage Construction Personnel with Fleet Tracking Systems

gps tracking

Fleet tracking systems can be used to monitor vehicles, heavy equipment, and the employees who use these valuable assets. Keeping your construction team accountable for their actions can be difficult, especially since you can’t be everywhere at once. However, fleet tracking systems offer features that allow you to keep...

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