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Arizona Pipeline: Fleet Manager Finds Stolen Vehicles and Much More

It was a cold morning in Apple Valley, California. It was so cold that the foreman for Arizona Pipeline decided to warm up his truck before heading to work. He started the engine, went back into the house to get his lunch, and returned to find…an empty driveway. He...

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There’s No Denying It: GPS Tracking Reveals Driving Behaviors

Managing a mobile workforce can be challenging. Your field employees represent your company, not just to your customers but to the general public as well. And those people are your future customers, so making a good impression on them directly impacts the bottom line of a service business. Michael...

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Fleet Manager Detects Dangerous Black Ice In Charlotte, North Carolina

Press Release - Fleet Manager Detects Dangerous Black Ice In Charlotte, North Carolina

Temecula, CA  Monday, September 29th, 2014 – L and M Construction was bidding on contracts for snow and ice abatement with Mecklenburg County.  They wanted something that would set them apart from their competition.  GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Manager vehicle tracking and fleet management system provided the perfect solution. L and...

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GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Manager Earns Rave Reviews

Blog - GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Manager Earns Rave Reviews

Temecula, CA – GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet Manager GPS tracking solution received the most reviews on the prestigious software review website Capterra.com/ in the “Top Fleet Management Software Products” group. For fifteen years, Capterra.com/, with the most extensive collection of software on the web, has been helping millions of businesses find...

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$61K Recovered Using GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager

Press Release - Lowe Material Transport Recovers $61K Using GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager

Temecula, CA – 5am Monday morning Ron Lowe, from Lowe Material Transport, receives an urgent call from his driver asking, “Where’s the truck?” Ron replied, “It should be in the yard!” His driver responded, “No it’s not, Ron!” Ron immediately goes to his laptop and logs into GPSTrackIt.com/’s Fleet...

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Alliance Environmental and AirTek Reduce Costs and Limit Waste With GPSTrackIt

Manager Catherine Praeger on GPSTrackIt’s Solution for Alliance Environmental and AirTek “…The added benefits of a larger wireless coverage area have allowed us to reap the benefits of real time tracking…. technical customer service has been stellar.” Company: Alliance Environmental Group and AirTek Indoor Air Solutions Industry: Environmental Contracting...

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“Verminators” Company ISOTECH Reduces Accidents by 80%

Mike Masterson - Isotech Verminators

“The whole system is an awakening. It’s been a great program.” – Mike Masterson Company: ISOTECH Pest Management Industry: Services Fleet Size: 80+ vehicles Web: ISOTECH Website “Verminators” on Discovery Channel Trackable Results Reduced accident rates by 80% over four months Increased service call response times Streamlined vehicle maintenance...

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Security Protection Group is Providing a Higher Level of Customer Service Using GPS

GPS tracking device

“Clients we service often ask how many times our vehicle has checked their location. We are now able to ascertain all the information they require” – Larry Chamberlain COMPANY: SSA Security Group, Inc. LOCATION: Chatsworth, California INDUSTRY: Services FLEET SIZE: Small WEBSITE: www.ssa-securitygroup.com/ SSA Security Group, Inc. was founded...

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ARS Services Discovers Complete Fleet Management Solution in GPS Tracking System

gps vehicle tracking and location

“From what I’m seeing with this GPS system is that it is a total vehicle management program and it’s pretty easy to use.” – Mark Krug COMPANY: ARS SERVICES, LLC. LOCATION: Albuquerque, New Mexico INDUSTRY: Services FLEET SIZE: Large WEBSITE: www.arsservicesllc.com/ ARS Services, LLC. has over 15 years experience...

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Landtech Field Services Uses GPS Technology to Track Stolen Vehicle Over 3 States

Landtech Field Services Uses GPS Technology to Track Stolen Vehicle Over 3 States

“When my vehicle was stolen I was able to lead the sheriffs department across a three county chase to where the vehicle was parked with a bunch of other stolen vehicles. Pretty cool!” – Paul Johnston Landtech Field Services, LLC, a Lafayette, Louisiana based company, is delivering solid management...

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