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GPS Solutions for Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships

Save on Repo Costs

Vehicle dealers and lenders know that repossessions are a fact of life. No matter how realistic your budget is, a few unanticipated repos can quickly put your BHPH dealership in a financial pickle. So, how do you keep these repossession costs from eating away at your bottom line?

GPS Trackit’s powerful suite of vehicle tracking tools can significantly diminish the risks inherent in vehicle financing. Our vehicle tracking system uses advanced GPS and wireless technology to locate vehicles on demand—anywhere and anytime. Using any internet connection, lenders and dealers can track their vehicles 24/7.

A robust solution for any dealership, GPS Trackit’s Buy Here, Pay-Here GPS Tracking Solution keeps vehicles visible, resulting in better theft protection and easier recovery.

GPS Tracking vs. LoJack

LoJack does not utilize true GPS signals and therefore does not offer wireless connectivity. Because of these shortfalls in the technology, a missing car can only be located by police vehicles that have specially outfitted with the proper recovery equipment. The actual owner, in this case, has little to no power to locate and recover their own vehicle. The limited reach of LoJack’s short-range radio further restricts its recovery potential.

Which Offers the Best Protection for Your Vehicles?

LoJackGPS Tracking
RecoveryRequires law enforcement and special equipment.Owner can choose method of recovery.
Range3-5 MilesUnlimited
Real-Time TrackingNoneConstant

GPS Tracking for Dealerships

We understand that BHPH lending can be a risky business. With a solid GPS fleet tracking system in place, dealerships can minimize the potential costs associated with repossession and vehicle theft.

Take control of your vehicle recovery system…