The year 2013 was a ‘landmark’ year for GPS Trackit, a longtime leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. The company released almost a dozen new products and services.  The releases run the gamut, from hardware to software, and include several first-to-market alerts to monitor driving behaviors. >> Continue Reading

Every business operates with a budget, and the service industry is no exception. In fact, because service companies rely so much on efficient operations, GPS vehicle tracking can make a major difference in the bottom line. Use GPS Vehicle Tracking to Save on Fuel Costs Fuel is an unavoidable expense for service companies, but that >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

One of the main reasons business owners and fleet managers adopt GPS vehicle tracking systems is to save money and boost profits, but another valuable benefit is keeping employees safe in the field. Driver safety features like acceleration, braking, and seat belt alerts can help monitor driver behavior and lower the incidence of accidents on the road. But what about the accidents that happen when the driver is not in the vehicle? Now there is a solution: the instant alert button. >> Continue Reading

Accidents are an unfortunate part of managing a fleet, and they always cost money. However, by using your GPS vehicle tracking system to help prevent accidents, you can minimize these costs. When an accident does occur, the safety protocols you have implemented will continue to save you money. The first step is creating enforceable policies that will >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading