When comparing vehicle tracking systems, it is important to evaluate the various features, customer feedback, technical support, and integration with field service management tools and other third-party applications. However, it is also critical to assess the user interface of any vehicle tracking system you are considering. Four Reasons to Use a Vehicle Tracking System with >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

A vehicle tracking system can vastly improve the way your fleet operates by simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Adding field service management tools to fleet GPS makes these benefits even more compelling. Imagine if every driver had a tablet that allowed them to select routes, communicate directly with dispatchers, and use third-party apps to make the customer experience even more enjoyable >> Continue Reading

Vehicle tracking is a great step towards improving efficiency and optimizing your fleet. It can also help you monitor driver activity with speeding alerts, idling reports, and real-time mapping. Adding power take off (PTO) monitoring gives you even more valuable information about how your drivers are spending their time. The ability to remotely monitor drivers >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

One of the main reasons to use vehicle tracking is to help you save money, but this is not the only benefit of fleet GPS. You can also reduce your environmental footprint and get a greener fleet. Even if these environmental benefits are not a priority for your business, they also translate to more savings and better branding opportunities. Vehicle tracking allows you to provide better service and present a truly green image. >> Continue Reading