Urban field service personnel spend their days navigating the hustling, bustling cities and suburbs, where populations are high and cell coverage abundant. Enterprises using GPS tracking to monitor vehicles, equipment and personnel can easily link field vehicles to fleet managers and dispatchers by transmitting data across ground-based cell-tower networks (CDMA / GPRS). >> Continue Reading

Temecula, CA  September 16th, 2013 – GPSTrackIt.com/’s latest innovation is a Driver Status feature designed to optimize and protect mobile personnel while away from vehicles. Driver Status enables dispatchers and fleet managers to not only see positioning for a vehicle at any given time, but – separately – where personnel associated with that vehicle are >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

Many owners of small construction businesses think that vehicle tracking is too expensive or not worth the investment, especially since many construction vehicles do not often travel significant distances every day. However, there are many useful features of GPS tracking systems that provide benefits to this industry. >> Continue Reading

When comparing vehicle tracking systems, it is important to evaluate the various features, customer feedback, technical support, and integration with field service management tools and other third-party applications. However, it is also critical to assess the user interface of any vehicle tracking system you are considering. Four Reasons to Use a Vehicle Tracking System with >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

GPS tracking is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes. In addition to helping you provide better customer service, fleet GPS can also save you money. Part one of this series on the ROI of GPS tracking covered reduced fuel costs and part two discussed savings on labor expenses. This article will cover the third way you can save money and generate a faster return on your investment: lower insurance costs. >> Continue Reading

A vehicle tracking system can vastly improve the way your fleet operates by simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Adding field service management tools to fleet GPS makes these benefits even more compelling. Imagine if every driver had a tablet that allowed them to select routes, communicate directly with dispatchers, and use third-party apps to make the customer experience even more enjoyable >> Continue Reading

Vehicle tracking is a great step towards improving efficiency and optimizing your fleet. It can also help you monitor driver activity with speeding alerts, idling reports, and real-time mapping. Adding power take off (PTO) monitoring gives you even more valuable information about how your drivers are spending their time. The ability to remotely monitor drivers >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading