Urban field service personnel spend their days navigating the hustling, bustling cities and suburbs, where populations are high and cell coverage abundant. Enterprises using GPS tracking to monitor vehicles, equipment and personnel can easily link field vehicles to fleet managers and dispatchers by transmitting data across ground-based cell-tower networks (CDMA / GPRS). >> Continue Reading

A GPS tracking system can completely change the way you manage your fleet. Add analytics to the mix and it can revitalize the way you manage your business. Fleet GPS improves day-to-day small business operations by making it easier to dispatch drivers, manage regular maintenance, and serve your customers more efficiently. Analytics reports add another >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

April was ‘Distracted Driving’ month, but the theme is resonating into the month of May. The effects of events held by various organizations, articles are written, and hundreds of thousands of issued citations are signs that distracted driving is a serious issue not to take lightly. The past and recent rulings in distracted driving lawsuits are a clear sign that companies need to pay more attention to their occupational drivers. >> Continue Reading

Though a large number of companies are realizing the advantages of using GPS fleet management software to track engine idling, there is an even larger number of companies that have still not calculated the savings this could provide. Using GPS fleet management software to track idling among your fleet vehicles will: improve the fleet management bottom line by providing data to improve gas mileage and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear and tear. >> Continue Reading