Temecula, CA  September 16th, 2013 – GPSTrackIt.com/’s latest innovation is a Driver Status feature designed to optimize and protect mobile personnel while away from vehicles. Driver Status enables dispatchers and fleet managers to not only see positioning for a vehicle at any given time, but – separately – where personnel associated with that vehicle are >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager Software now Features an Analytics Dashboard. The Analytics Dashboard enables fleet managers to monitor and review fleet performance by reviewing historical data in a series of charts and graphs. Fleet Manager is already a robust application providing fleet owners and managers with a comprehensive suite of integrated tools.  The system delivers real-time >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

Effective fleet management requires more than just knowing where all of your vehicles are at a given time. You also need to manage drivers, integrate customer billing, control your fuel budget, schedule maintenance, and do many other ongoing tasks. Using a GPS fleet management solution is the most cost-effective way for you to reduce costs, streamline communications, and improve overall performance. >> Continue Reading

Effectively running a business requires multiple tools and systems. You need an accounting system, office software, sales processes, a customer relationship management solution, and the list goes on. If you own or manage multiple vehicles, you also need a GPS tracking fleet management solution to ensure that you operate efficiently while keeping costs low. >> Continue Reading

A good fleet GPS system will tell you not just where your drivers are, but also what they are doing. Most GPS tracking software provides data on vehicle speeds, but not all solutions let you know when a driver brakes too hard. Hard braking and other unsafe driver behavior can have devastating consequences for your business. Nip these poor driving habits >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

For many small businesses, one of the perceived drawbacks of GPS vehicle tracking is an investment in proprietary equipment that only serves one purpose. Some GPS tracking providers offer only this type of solution, which means that you and your drivers have yet another device to keep track of and maintain. A newly available and >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading