GPS tracking is huge, gaining in popularity and momentum every day. With nearly limitless possibilities, what kind of interesting things might you be tracking in the near future? The applications range from the advantageous to the absurd.

TheFutureDo you think these future GPS trends will be on your radar?

Sharks at the beach 
Current GPS devices are helping OCEARCH track the movements of sharks, providing research information and possibly preventing shark attacks by sending alerts to lifeguards for the evacuation of swimmers when Jaws ventures too close for comfort.

MIA in sports 
Sports aficionados from hunting to golf may no longer have to play hide-and-seek with lost equipment. Whether you have missed that deer or overshot a birdie, GPS tracking devices in sports equipment could significantly curb your replacement needs.

Where is it enroute?
Instead of standard “out for delivery” or location scan information, upcoming GPS tracking may allow you to monitor incoming packages throughout the entirety of the shipment process, from departure to destination.

Breadcrumb trail
Scouring the store endlessly for items with whining children in tow may be a thing of the past thanks to new shopping cart GPS currently under development.

Under protection
In an effort to protect against disease and pregnancy, one English city has launched an app to help teens locate community health clinics offering free birth control and sexual health advice.

Who stole baby Jesus?
GPS technology has been employed by law enforcement in catching a host of crooks, from car to hay bale stealing thieves. The latest? A New York based security firm offering churches and other religious organizations free GPS tracking of nativity figurines. Ready to equip your home holiday display with technology for finding statue nabbing crooks?

No relief
Drug smugglers may be in for the surprise of their lives as police are increasingly planting GPS trackers – some with exploding dye packs – amongst popularly abused pharmaceuticals.

Air trackers
Forget Air Jordan’s. Not your average pair of sneakers, the latest tracking technology features $300 shoes capable of quickly locating missing individuals such as children and dementia patients.

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