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Using GPS, county fire rescue wants to know: Where are the hydrants?

First responders like fire departments have been increasingly embracing GPS navigation to help reduce response times to emergencies.  But for fire departments, arriving at the scene quickly is only the first step.  Finding the location of the closest fire hydrant takes time, especially in unfamiliar areas.  It’s been such an issue in the past that firemen drive around to learn the locations of the hydrants.

Now, GPS technology is being used to help firefighters further reduce response times by providing them with the exact locations of all available fire hydrants, saving lives and reducing the loss of property caused by fires.

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Shark being tracked by GPS off coast of Carolinas captivates online fans

Most people think of great white sharks as dangerous predators.  Movies like “Jaws” have cemented the image of man-eater in the public’s mind.  And while there are certainly no shortage of documented attacks by sharks on humans, great whites are rare and their behaviors deserve study.  Scientists were able to attach a GPS device to the dorsal fin of one great white off the coast of Cape Cod and ‘Mary Lee’, as she is known, has a growing group of fans who watch her every move like the latest reality television show.


Smartphones, mobile apps, GPS devices need user permission to collect data under bill

Our health information is protected by HIPPA (Health Information Privacy and Portability Act).  Now a senate bill sponsored by Al Franken, Minnesota Senator and the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is designed to protect your location data.  The bill proposes to require parties responsible for the ever-increasing amount of information to obtain permission from users of smartphones, mobile apps, and navigation devices before collecting and storing it.

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GPS units to battle NSW domestic violence

Australian women in New South Wales have been given a new tool to protect them against domestic violence.  Women who are considered ‘at risk’ have been provided with GPS tracking devices.  If they find themselves in jeopardy, activating the device sends a signal to a security company.  They attempt to contact the woman and determine whether there is a need to notify the police and provide the victim’s location.

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